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Haven’t been on here in soo long or updated my fanfic, I haven’t had time or anything because you know lyk with year 11 starting soon aha. Anyway i doubt I’ll be on here¬†much anymore but if anyone wants to co-own just message me

Really need a co-owner for this blog like omg

bel0w4verage said: IM READING YOUR FANFIC! dont stop:(

Hahaha thank you! Sorry haven’t done any in a while i’ll add some later:)

Feel like no one is even reading the new fanfic, lol might just stop…

Aston in Love You More: Part 1.

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Aston in Love You More: Part 2.

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"I don’t make the papers. I’m far from J L S"

- Labrinth

Proud is an understatement 

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JLS - the 4th dimension tour

14th March 2012 - 28th April 2012

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Two more parts of the fanfic up give me feedback! :)